Professional Grade Productions

When it comes to the unique elements and effects of music videos, you don't want to trust just anyone with the job. Our professional team at FHNP has mastered the art of video production, which means we know exactly what it takes to bring your vision to life. We're no strangers to music video production. We enjoy the incredible diversity every local artist brings to the table. From film angles to stage lighting, and even on-set direction, we offer the diverse skillset you need to get the results you want. Music videos have an exciting way of telling stories, and we can work with the vibe artists want, no matter how concrete or abstract the subject matter.

Concert recording

Concert Recordings

Concerts are like a living organism, meaning they're constantly changing and adapting to the needs of the artist, the crowd, and the music scene in general. The production team behind them is the heart that brings life to the performance and music on stage. As a part of this team, we offer concert recordings to capture the memorable moments and powerful energy expressed by artists and performers. Count on us to deliver a high-quality recording you'll want to listen to again and again.

Producing High-Quality Song Recordings

Count on FHNP to bring your musical passions to fruition with state-of-the-art music production. We work with your unique sound to create high-quality song recordings. Wherever you're a located in the country, we are prepared to provide you with recordings you can share on the platforms of your choice. We even offer singers and backup singers to accompany your tracks. You can feel confident that we won't just record your music; we'll enhance your music and provide you with the star-quality song you want. When you choose us, you'll have a fully dedicated team from start to finish that guarantees a product you'll be fully satisfied with.